Monday, October 27, 2008

So yes, it is possible that I just may be the worst blogger possible. I just don't know how you bloggers find time to update. Right now I'm in the middle of spine surgery and this is what I call free time.
So much has happened in the last couple of weeks from me backing into my dads mailbox (which I appreciate Jeff and Nate not mentioning, I know they had plenty they wanted to say), going to Gardner Village with my mom, sister and the girls (going to see the witches is one of my favorite fall activities), Shannae had a fall choir concert at school I went to and found myself star struck when I saw David Archeletta there (I know Brit, us Bringhurst's are easily entertained and yes we took a picture with him) but the new vacuum I got is definitely one of the highlights of the past couple of weeks (those of you that are moms or have pets would understand why a new vacuum can be so exciting).
Now that fall is here I really think this could be my favorite time of year. I love the colors, the smell, the fresh air outside and I absolutely love Halloween !!! Ryleigh is going as Cleopatra this year and looks so cute in her costume. Bryon and I went to a party as the Wey Gay Re-Ge Band (Jeni's idea) and our costumes were a hit! Bryon is always such a good sport about letting me dress him up for Halloween. We always have so much fun together with our goofy sense of humor. I'm so greatful I get to share this great time of year with my family and friends!!!


britaag said...

yep! thats a bringhurst for ya ;)

Kim Bringhurst said...

I'm excited for you and your new vacuum! It's so nice to get a new appliance that will make life easier. You guys always have the best Halloween costumes!

Jennifer said...

Hi Mindi! Thanks for blogging! It was so fun seeing you guys at the Halloween party. :) I love this time of year too. I think Fall is my very favorite season.

Jenifer said...

Since you mentioned the mailbox, does that give me permission to post pics???

Jenny said...

I found your blog through tanna's. I didn't know you had a blog.
Can't wait to hear more.
I got a roomba vacuum (one of those IROBOT vacuums)from my husband. I think I am in love. There is just something about a new appliance that makes things clean or easy.
And by the way spine surgery is WAY exciting...what a great way to spend your free time.

Nycole said...

Hi Mindi! It's so good to see you blogging. I'd love to see pictures, when you figure that out. :-) Wee miss you all.

Oh-you still doing Enrichment stuff? I guess I didn't do it right the first time-I am doing that here in our new ward.