Monday, October 27, 2008

So yes, it is possible that I just may be the worst blogger possible. I just don't know how you bloggers find time to update. Right now I'm in the middle of spine surgery and this is what I call free time.
So much has happened in the last couple of weeks from me backing into my dads mailbox (which I appreciate Jeff and Nate not mentioning, I know they had plenty they wanted to say), going to Gardner Village with my mom, sister and the girls (going to see the witches is one of my favorite fall activities), Shannae had a fall choir concert at school I went to and found myself star struck when I saw David Archeletta there (I know Brit, us Bringhurst's are easily entertained and yes we took a picture with him) but the new vacuum I got is definitely one of the highlights of the past couple of weeks (those of you that are moms or have pets would understand why a new vacuum can be so exciting).
Now that fall is here I really think this could be my favorite time of year. I love the colors, the smell, the fresh air outside and I absolutely love Halloween !!! Ryleigh is going as Cleopatra this year and looks so cute in her costume. Bryon and I went to a party as the Wey Gay Re-Ge Band (Jeni's idea) and our costumes were a hit! Bryon is always such a good sport about letting me dress him up for Halloween. We always have so much fun together with our goofy sense of humor. I'm so greatful I get to share this great time of year with my family and friends!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finally count down to Super Saturday!!! Everyone that is coming Thanks for your support!!! I can't wait to see you there. For those of you that haven't heard I'm in charge the Enricment Commitee in our ward. We have so many cute ideas and I can't wait to get mine done. It will also be nice to have this big project finished. It's amazing how many phone calls I have had this week for last minute orders. With our cute ideas and the soup potluck( with LionHouse Rolls) it should make for one fun day!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Finally an update!

So as much as I love reading every ones blogs, I find that I 'm not good at updating mine. SORRY!!! Hopefully this weekend I can have Tanner show me how to put pictures on my blog.
Any way last week I attended two different funerals. As sad as that was it really made me greatful for my family. I am so lucky to have the three children I have . They are all so unique and that's why I love them so much! I 'm sorry those two families have to go through the losses they've had over the last week and we wish them the best.

On a happier note, Shannae had homecoming daance last week. She went with a friend and had so much fun. The went to Boondocks for the day activity (too bad she didn't run into Uncle Jeff while she was there that could have made it fun for her) and then had dinner, the dance and played glow in the dark capture the flag. She looked absolutely beautiful (as always) when she went to the dance!!! I'm so glad she had fun. Some times going with a friend is the best way to go.

Tanner and Shannae went to the Haunted Hospital in Tooele with Grandma on Tues. They both had fun, but I think the anticipation was scarrier than the Haunted house. They still had a great time. Thanks Grandma!!!

We also got my Jeep running this week! There was a hole in one af the tubes and all the antifreeze leaked out (that would be the technical description) so with a new tube and thermometer (cost about $30.00) and my personal mechanic (Mike) I'm "on the road again". Thanks Jeff and Mike for helping us with the Jeep. I really do love this car.

As far as Tanner goes the measured him this week at school and he is 5'11 and1/2. for fun we're taking predictions on how tall he'll be this Christmas. We figure he probably grew 2-4 inches
over the summer, so I predict 6'1. Any other guesses?

Rye is still dancing hard this year. She said she is already boared with school becase she already "knows everything" and there is no reson for her to be there. Hopefully we can get her more challanged. At least she loves her teacher and the social side of school.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

O.K. I'm Finally doing it!!!
I Finally decided to put a blog together, how could I not do it to share all the cute and memoralbe thoughts of my kids... all right so those of you how know Tanner may not think "cute" would not be the same description you would use but he is definately memorable. Any how I would love to say my lack of blogging to due to no time but reality is I'm not good at anything technical. As you all laugh at me now just remember we didn't have a D.V.D. player until after 2000 any I still have analogue T.V. in my home ( with the largest T.V. being 19 inch). So I hope you enjoy this blog but keep your expectations low.